Eradicating Cancer with Revolutionary
Glycoprotein-Targeting Abs

What We Do

At Tegmine we target glycoproteins, which are a hallmark of numerous solid cancers and drive aggressive disease. We’ve engineered a system to generate revolutionary new antibody-based therapies for cancer which dramatically increase efficacy while reducing toxic side effects. Our proprietary TegMiner™ platform enables the discovery of unique cancer epitopes and allows us to develop these life-changing new antibodies for patients with unmet needs.

Jeff Berstein, PhD, CEO

Jeff Bernstein, PhD - CEO

  • PhD Biomedical Engineering, UCLA
  • 17+ years Pharma / Biotech experience: Merck, Stemcentrx
  • 1 approved drug - V114 (glycoconjugate vaccine)
  • 1 ADC in clinic - ABBV-647
  • 8+ years experience in developing pre-clinical stage cancer drug leads
  • 5+ years experience in process development for clinical stage therapeutics
Daniel Hyduke, PhD, CTO

Daniel Hyduke, PhD - CTO

  • PhD Chemical Engineering, UCLA
  • 20+ years in data-driven computational biology including bioinformatics
  • 7+ years of cancer-related research
  • 10+ years applied biochemical and omics research
  • Harvard, Georgetown, UCSD, Stemcentrx
  • Co-authored > 40 scientific manuscripts with > 5,000 citations

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